We are continuously trying to expand our number of strategic partners, as they make it possible for us to tap into new markets and deliver the best products possible. This time, the core team of Platinum Software Development is proud to announce a brand new partnership with Almora Capital, an investment firm that offers full-lifecycle solutions to blockchain investors and businesses.

Learn more detailed information about this collaboration in today’s release.

Unleashing our full potential with Almora Capital

Given the highly unstable and competitive environment of the decentralized finance market, for Platinum to introduce new use cases to the crypto community, there is a need for strong and influential partners that can back us with their rich resources. That is why the Platinum development team is pleased to present our new strategic partner - Almora Capital.

Almora Capital is an eminent blockchain investment firm that’s focused on assisting their international clients to map their investments and sort them into themes in order to optimize their portfolios and achieve the best results. The company offers transparent and open communications as well as research-based industry insights to all their clients, be they individuals, institutions or businesses.

The Almora Capital core team is committed to pursuing various opportunities in the DeFi market and placing its deep understanding of technology, market economics and blockchain finance at the forefront of their activities, so as to deliver optimized investment solutions. Almora Capital is globally recognized and has an excellent reputation in the field of blockchain investment.

Almora Capital and Cheesus

Some team members of Almora have been paying attention to Cheesus, the brainchild of Platinum Software Development, an on-chain analytical tool for NFT gaming metaverse and DeFi activity. Cheesus is able to track any NFT trading activity within any metaverse, DEX and AMM. Cheesus is also quite an effective tool against fraudsters and scammers, helping users to identify only valuable and trustworthy DeFi projects.

Almora Capital recognized the great potential of Cheesus and decided to sign a partnership agreement with us. This move will allow Almora Capital to develop more sophisticated investment strategies for which Cheesus will receive help in the form of Almora’s financial and marketing resources.

“Support from an authoritative venture capital firm such as Almora Capital is something to be proud of. The Platinum team has a real opportunity here to create a buzz in the DeFi market and achieve the strategic goals set out in our roadmap as soon as possible. There is no doubt that this partnership promises to be a long and fruitful one that will boost the  performance of both projects,” said Anton Dziatkovskii, Platinum’s co-founder.

About Almora Capital

Almora Capital is an eminent blockchain investment firm that helps global clients map their investments and sort them into themes that will optimize the results of their portfolios. The company is dedicated to crypto investments and empowering their clients with technical and fundamental resources such as insights and data that will help them leverage the potential of up-and-coming projects in the decentralized digital economy.

Almora Capital conducts in-depth and timely analyses of industries, markets and investment frameworks, helping the project to earn a favorable reputation in the blockchain investment space.

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